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APTA looks for its CEO

APTA, Technology Transfer hub, looks for its new CEO. Check out the profile here and apply sending your CV + salary expectations until April 20, 2018. 



It is a platform created by Corfo in the project “Technological transfer hub”. It aims to create technological businesses in Chile and overseas based on Research and Development (I+D) from a group of different Chilean universities and research centers, contributing to raise productivity and diversification of Chilean Economy.

APTA is also formed by a net of partners which raise their technological transfer and labor associations that support technological challenges from different productive areas to solve the needs of the Industry.

Initially APTA is formed by 15 beneficiary institutions: 13 universities and 2 research centers distributed along Chile. Such distribution allows reaching local/regional needs effectively having as main objective to boost our country as a world-level technological spot.



Given the creation of this new Hub, the search of a leader capable of reaching set objectives and reaching effective connection to national and international productive areas to place it in the international context as a high impact to Industry and society technological transfer recognized body has become necessary. CEO must therefore promote connections and transfer of research results produced and protected by beneficiary institutions to public and private areas, national and international communities. They must be highly experienced in marketing emerging technologies, managing intangible assets, and protecting intellectual and industrial property.



  • Collaborate with the strategy of the company; Manage projects with different universities, public companies and private organizations. Strong commercial abilities and participation.



Candidate must possess:


R+D experience (10 years at least)

  • Proved professional experience (demonstrable participation at least) in technology development in universities and research centers, technological scouting (working in research teams), licensing and related activities in international markets (mandatory requirement).


Knowledge and IP based business management

  • Demonstrable experience in developing technological businesses in Industries (mainly Agriculture, Health and Mining).
  • Desirable R+D or Development, and implementation of technologies.



  • MD in Science or Technology (basic selective criterion)
  • Desirable PhD
  • Desirable MD or Diploma in Business
  • Related Degree