APTA participates in Technology Transfer panel at Chile Summit: Science, Technology and Business

Luis Magne, Director of Technology Management at USACH, was the representative of Andes Pacific Technology Access.


The Chile Summit: Science, Technology and Business has become a focal point for the science and innovation ecosystem and the productive sector in the country, with the links between academia and the industry one of the main topics of discussion.


The transfer of technologies developed at universities and research centers to the market – an objective shared by technology transfer hubs such as APTA – was a central theme of this event. Panels addressed issues in the aquaculture, mining and food production industries and talks were carried out by international experts on topics such as innovation, research and technology transfer.


Following the presentation by Lita Nelsen, the former director of the OTL at MIT, a discussion panel was carried out with representatives of the three technology transfer hubs supported by Corfo. Luis Magne, Director of Technology Management at USACH, spoke on behalf of APTA.


The APTA representative referred to the initial formation of these Hubs, highlighting the importance of the role of the Red GT network. “There was a lot of open communication about the interests of each of the institutions, which allowed for the universities to be distributed (into 3 Hubs)”, he indicated, also noting that “we have continued to reach all decisions through mutual agreement”.


With regards to strengthening technology transfer, Magne referred to the “entrepreneurship ecosystem set up within the universities. This is something that can set us apart and is an interesting path for us to follow”.