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Members of APTA partner universities initiate training given by UC Davis

30 professionals were part of a first stage of training that seeks to install new knowledge and standardize practices for the work in technology transfer carried out together with the team of the hub.

Through the APTA Hub, UC Davis began training to address the process related to the discovery and development of invention disclosures in universities, in order to detect innovations with potential to be transferred to the market.

This action is carried out within the framework of the co-execution agreement between both institutions, which seeks to install capacities and good practices emanating from the US university, which has extensive experience in the subject of technology transfer; adding 2000 patent applications in the world, more than 12 million dollars of economic return product of technology transfer and more than 20 startups in recent years.

In this first stage of training, 30 members of the universities of APTA participated in a session dictated by Mónica Alandete, director of Analysis and Education of the University of California Davis; where they discussed techniques for the relationship with researchers for the detection of inventions and methods for the construction of a document that allows evaluating the potential of being transferred to the market, it implies making decisions regarding intellectual property, commercial analysis, among others.

The activity carried out by UC Davis will be complemented by a two-day training that will allow the participants to practically execute the acquired knowledge and can make the necessary consultations to draw on the international experience of the teaching team.