Reunión ampliada APTA octubre

News from the latest APTA Extended Meeting in Santiago

On October 6th, a meeting was held with representatives of member universities to coordinate activities and address upcoming challenges.


In order to continue to move forward with the project, the representatives of APTA beneficiaries met in the grounds of the Hotel Plaza San Francisco in Santiago for an extended meeting.


Among the activities carried out was a presentation by María Kowalski from the international firm Tek Capital, which offers services linked to technology transfer such as technology acquisition, invention evaluation and consulting services, in order to evaluate the possibility of working together. A budget report was also presented in order to share details and request information from the participants.


Among other actions, committees were formed to prepare for the submission of the upcoming 12-Month Critical Milestone Report, arrangements were made for the ceremony of registration of the APTA Corporation (activities to take place in La Serena) and the most recent activities carried out with co-executors and associates were presented.