The APTA Hub is made up of the universities of Tarapacá, Antofagasta, Católica del Norte, Atacama, La Serena, Técnica Federico Santa María, Santiago, Mayor, Adolfo Ibáñez, Concepción, Santísima Concepción and Tecnológica de Chile (INACAP). The Center for Scientific and Technological Research for Mining and the Millennium Oceanography Institute also form part of the Hub.

These 12 universities and 2 research centers are distributed throughout the northern, central and southern zones of Chile, covering the whole of the country.

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The APTA Hub has support from a number of entities whose knowledge and expertise reinforces the potential of the Hub to meet its objectives of contributing to social and economic development via the transfer of technology and promotion of the results of R&D generated at the institutions that form part of it (beneficiaries).


These are prestigious organizations that have taken on the role of complementing the Hub’s capacities for technology transfer.


Important business associations representing over 4 thousand companies, a direct link to detect and resolve industry needs.

Providers of Capacities in Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship

These are entities with a demonstrated capacity for technology transfer at the international level, which will support the work of the APTA Hub and the Technology Transfer offices (OTT) of its beneficiaries.

Support Networks