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The TTS Latin America event was successfully held in Chile

The activity that brought together international actors of Technology Transfer -experts, entrepreneurship leaders and investors linked to the biotechnology area- was organized by the Universidad de los Andes and the 3 Chilean Hubs, with the support of Corfo.


An unprecedented day for the National Technological Transfer ecosystem was held on October 3 and 4 after the successful conclusion of the TTS Latin America meeting.

This event was the 3rd version of the activity organized by the TTS Global Initiative, held for the first time in Latin America and had Chile as its headquarters, bringing together international experts in technology transfer from the United States, Europe and other countries in the region.

During this activity, which was coordinated by the University of Los Andes together with the three Hubs (KnowHub, HubTec and APTA) and the support of Corfo; the national ecosystem had the opportunity to link and discuss the development of Technology Transfer in biotechnology, medical devices and pharmaceutical areas; sharing good practices and experiences on topics such as intellectual property, financing of early stage enterprises, analysis of policies for innovation and links between academia and industry.

The dynamics of the meeting was based on talks made by international speakers from different sectors of the ecosystem (researchers, academia, entrepreneurs and investors), who also participated in discussion panels with representatives of the Hubs, members of Corfo and others. national actors that were part of the coordination, such as the University of Los Andes, Carey Abogados and the Network of Technological Managers of Chile (RedGT).

“This event has gone very well. The Chilean hosts of the three hubs (Know Hub, APTA, HubTec), Universidad de los Andes and Corfo have been phenomenal partners. It has been a pleasure to meet with the Chilean ecosystem and I think there has been a very good level of discussion and conversation. I think this will have a positive impact on their development and on the Bio sector in Chile, “says Christian J. Suojanen, co-founder of TTS Global Initiative.

For his part, Suojanen referred to the projection of the ecosystem and the future collaboration to continue moving forward. “I think there is a lot of potential because it is already underway and there is a lot of work that has been done in recent years. Now we are making a specific look to focus initiatives that can accelerate their development, but by base is excellent. We will try to provide more direct access to the experts who will be of great help, “he adds.

Participation of APTA

Through one of the members of its Executive Committee, Sandra Araya, the APTA Hub was part of one of the panels of the meeting that addressed “What the industry of researchers, technology transfer offices and companies in the early stage requires”, where the professional delivered her vision as leader of the Transfer and Licensing Office of the Universidad de Concepción.

“I believe that entities such as TTS Latin America are very relevant for all the actors that participate in activities related to technology transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship, since they allow Chile to bring international experts in these matters as well as Venture Capital and share their experiences. about successful models of innovation, links with the industry and what investors consider a good business opportunity, “says the UdeC professional on initiatives like this one.

Likewise, Araya adds that “it was an opportunity to share for 2 days with the entire national ecosystem, which allows to align visions and generate collaborations to give more impetus to the activities that from the government, the OTLs, Technological Transfer Hubs, incubators, Accelerators and local investors are carried forward. “