From Chile to the International Market


About APTA

We are a corporation in charge of managing new science-based business opportunities, identifying the potential of its partners’ R&D capabilities – national universities and research center – to connect them to global markets.

Our purpose

Transfer high-impact #madeinchile technologies to various industries, promoting collaboration and link networks of the Chilean scientific ecosystem, so that the country becomes a pole of innovation in Latin America.

Our partners

Business line

Identificamos y conectamos los principales desafíos tecnológicos de la industria con las capacidades de I+D de nuestros socios.

Generamos alianzas nacionales e internacionales, que permitan gestionar soluciones para la industria global, a partir de las capacidades nuestros socios.

Presentamos las tecnologías del portafolio a distintos actores del ecosistema a nivel nacional e internacional.

Nuestro programa de emprendimiento busca la creación de empresas chilenas de base científico-tecnológica para los mercados internacionales.

Our experience

Competitive Intelligence

We identify sector trends and opportunities to create new businesses.

Intellectual Property

We design and implement strategies to protect intangible activities.

Technological Transfer

We have vast experience in technology transfer both nationally and internationally.


We support the creation of technology-based companies (EBT) with international impact.

Demand – Offer link

We intelligently connect the challenges of the national and international industry with high impact solutions.


One of our main strengths is the access and articulation of specialized networks, both in Chile and abroad.

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