Conditioning of Reagents and Bubbles Prior to the Mineral Flotation Stage


Specific conditioning of reagents, pulp and bubbles prior to the mineral flotation stages (Rougher, Cleaner, Scavenger), increasing the recovery of molybdenite and copper sulfides, improving the practical objectives of each reagent favoring the overall recovery of the process.


Regarding the current process, tests and models carried out indicate that the scale process would allow:

I. Increase Molybdenum recovery by 7-20%

II. Increase Copper recovery by 3-5%

– This technology allows generating a greater specific surface for the same dose of reagents, increasing the adsorption of the collector to the surface of the mineral.
– Bubble conditioning improves particle-bubble adhesion and avoids hydroxy complex adhesion to them (Mg and Ca).
– Dosing of flocculating agents improves molybdenite recovery, stabilizing particle agglomeration.

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