Strategic alliances between prestigious universities and centers of research, co-executors, associates, technology transfer and entrepreneurship providers and support networks allow us to develop world-class innovation capital to be put at the disposal of the social and economic needs of our country.

If you are part of a business

And you have a technical issue that you are not sure how to resolve, APTA gives you access to a network of over 2500 researchers, dozens of cutting-edge laboratories and experts in technology transfer in order to identify or develop a tailored solution to allow you to achieve your objectives.

If you are a researcher

And you want the results of your research or R&D capacities to make an impact and successfully enter the market, APTA is the platform you need, thanks to its direct link to businesses working in the most important industries in Chile and the world.

If you are an entrepreneur

And you want to turn an idea into a successful project, contact us. APTA gives you access to a network of international experts, programs and investors to help the results of your venture become part of the global marketplace.

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If you require our support, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to hear about any doubts, comments or needs you might have.

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